Charlie, I love you!

Hello everyone! Nope, I won’t talk about my boyfriend. Remember? Here I promised I wouldn’t write about cheesy stuff.

Charlie is my new super-amazing virtual personal assistant.
Charlie is great, so, if you do, like me, have problems with names and you’d love saving hours and avoid researching the people you have to meet with you..well, you should give it a try!

So, first of all you need to be skilled and use Calendar, as Charlie imports its data. Then you can sign up here (VIP access) and sync your calendar. And you’re done! You’ll start receiving reminders for your daily meetings and insights of the people you’re going to meet, saving you tons of time and silly questions. ‘Cause you’ll know what does matter to ask and what it doesn’t.

Also, you won’t only receive really important researches but also really hilarious emails, like this one:


Or really sad ones (but quite effective CRM campaigns though), like:


So, are you ready to hire your first virtual personal assistant?
If you have a iPhone, you can use the app, if not…help me & chase them to release an Android version! 😀