About me

Hello, I’m Alessia, digital strategist combining creativity and analytics in love with tech and startups.

I have more than 5 years experience in Digital Marketing, including social media, paid campaigns (SEM, social), content and growth strategies.
I have worked with a bunch of early-stage startups, corporates and professionals as Growth and Marketing manger, being responsible for National and International strategies and campaigns.

Social Media, Startup and Digital strategies speaker for events in London and internationally and Business and Marketing mentor for early-stage startups, I have lived in different countries and can have a business conversation in three languages.

If you want to learn more send me an email: info[at]alessiacamera.com or add me on Linkedin


  •  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest: do I need a profile on all of them? How do social media work?
    You need a social media strategy, an editorial calendar and some content which should be specific for your brand and products. I can help with that.
  • Are followers the most important KPI for social media marketing?
    Yes and not, depends on your goal.
  • How do I know who are my potential customers? How do I reach them?
    There are many channels you can use to boost traffic and drive engagement, but again it depends on your business/product, your audience and the goals you want to reach.
    I can help you understand them, creating personas and customer acquisition plans.
  • How Google Adwords work? What’s my CPA?
    Again, depends. We need to understand other business related metrics and run a little test.
  • Do I need Facebook Ads?
    Again, on it depends. But you can try it out if you have a small budget and you want to reach specific goals in a short amount of time. In this case, remember that you can’t use the same banner you use on display marketing. Focus on users needs.
  • nice-to-meet-you-alessia-cameraHow do I rank #1 on Google?
    We need to run some SEO analysis and work on specific keywords.
  • Do I need a website or a Facebook page is enough?
    You do need a website, it’s highly recommended as it will be your own independent platform. Especially now, that Facebook keeps changing its algorithm.

Send me an email if you want to learn more: info[at]alessiacamera.com

Italian only:
Intervista per Unco Mag, 2015
Intervista per Italian Kingdom,2015
Review dell’intervento sul Growth Hacking al Web Marketing Festival 2016, 2016

I miei contributi per il blog di Marketing Arena
I miei contributi su Wired


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