Electronic Superhighway: how has the internet changed art?

This is Not Art [QuestaNonÈArte]

Hi everyone! Last month has been extremely busy: we’ve moved South of the River, and we’re working to make our This is Not Art magazine better and bigger (more news are coming ;-)!
So I just found the time to update you about the last amazing exhibition I’ve been: Electronic SuperHighway

Olaf-Breuning-Text-Butt-Eectronic-Superhighway Olaf Breuning, Text Butt

At the Whitechapel Gallery, an amazing venue in East London just a few steps from Shoreditch, Electronic Superhighway is trying to give ideas about how the computers and technology have changed not only the society where we live, but the art world too. That’s why I couldn’t miss it. I really think they did a great job, highlighting 70 artists who’ve been experimenting with technology, from the ’60s.

Douglas-Coupland-Electronic-Superhighway Douglas Coupland, Deep Face

I was impressed by the work by  Olaf Breuning called Text Butt, giving the idea of how much information we’re exposed nowadays and…

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