Events for startups in London&Dublin: growth hack to success!

Are you interested in Growth Hacking? If you don’t really know what it is but you’re working as marketeer for a startup you should reply yes. Growth Hacking is the way Marketing is implemented at startups: forget about brand identity, vision and mission, this stuff doesn’t work anymore. Well, it works on paper, then you need to have things done, quickly and effectively.
When you’re talking about growth hacking, you’re talking about tools, ideas and approaches combined with creativity and analytic skills to get results, achieve goals and scaling.
There are a lot of examples where adopting growth hacking strategies has proven to be successful. Think of Dropbox’s referral strategy or do you know why Airbnb has grown like crazy? This is a great video about it.

growth-hacking-events-london-dublinSo, if you’re looking to be the next successful one, you need to learn. Then think, do, be creative and check your performance.
There are two amazing Growth Hacking events you can’t miss if you’re looking to improve your skills.
The first one is in London at Google Campus, on Wednesday 23rd, and it’s the Secret Sauce Conference, a one-day conference for people looking to learn growth hacking techniques on getting investment, making sales, becoming a great public speaker, and all things related to run an early-stage startup.
It’s sold out at the moment, but you can follow the conference on Twitter using #getyoursauce hashtag. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing (as I’m part of the organising team lol)
ps: we also did a lot of growth hacking to organise the event check it out here!

The second one is Growth Hacking Talks and it’s in Dublin on the day after, September 24th.
It’s more a conference rather than a workshop, where a bunch of people from Uber, Intercom and Google will talk about several growth hacking strategies. I would be really interested in: How Building a Community Can Help Drive Growth and How I Smashed Our Indiegogo Goal in 2 Days. Sounds really promising!
You can buy your ticket here or tweet me here for a chance to win your ticket and attend this conference for free. 😉



Quanto ne sapete di Growth Hacking? Se in questo momento avete una faccia perplessa e sguardo perso nel vuoto vi invito a leggere questo mio articolo, dove appunto spiego che quando si parla di Growth Hacking si parla di strumenti, idee ed approcci combinati con creatività e capacità di analisi per accelerare la vostra idea ed ottenere risultati e raggiungere obiettivi.
Ci sono un sacco di esempi di startup che hanno usato strategie di growth hacking di successo. Ad esempio la referral strategy di Dropbox oppure le strategie di crescita di AirBnb (qui un video molto interessante sull’argomento).
Ma torniamo a noi, in questo post vi vorrei parlare di un paio di eventi molto interessanti sull’argomento.

Ankur Nagpal-Facebook-developer-growthhackingIl primo è a Londra al Google Campus questo mercoledì 23 settembre: Secret Sauce Conference.
Nel corso della giornata ci saranno tutta una serie di workshop su strategie growth hacking da mettere in pratica per ottenere investimenti, vendere, diventare un public speaker e tutto quello che circonda il mondo delle early-stage startup.
Purtroppo è sold out, ma potete seguire la conferenza su Twitter con l’hashtag #getyoursauce. Sono sicura sarà fantastica (anche perché sono nel team che l’organizza :D)

La seconda conferenza è Growth Hacking Talks a Dublino il giorno dopo, 24 settembre.
Si tratta di una conferenza piu che un workshop, dove una serie di speaker, da Uber a Intercom e Google, parleranno di strategie di growth hacking. Ho già l’acquolina per:  How Building a Community Can Help Drive Growth & How I Smashed Our Indiegogo Goal in 2 Days. Super!
Potete ancora acquistare il vostro biglietto qui oppure twittare per partecipare al contest e vincere un biglietto gratuito per la conferenza di Dublino 😉


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