3 startups I love – August 2015

I remember my grandma and a lot of friends stating: “August is holiday time“. Well, since when I moved to London I really appreciate the fact I can take holiday whenever I want, so, August has been turning into the busiest month ever.
A lot of work, projects, amazing people I met and incredible things I learnt. I stab the accelerator, just a little bit and BUM! I didn’t even realise how my life has been full of everything, in just a few weeks.
But yeah, sorry, this is the post where I’m talking about the best projects I came across in August. 😛

amazing-sunset-greece-Kos-april-2015So, let’s talk about your holiday. ‘Cause I guess the majority of you is still thinking of incredible sunsets and beach parties.
If you’re a girl looking for exclusive trips and events, you need to check out Pinktrotters an exclusive female community for travels, lifestyle and events. They’re just about launching in the UK, so if you’re interested in joining unique travelling experiences & events around the world, have a look.
If you’re a boy, keep reading.

boat-sailing-rent-a-boat-summer0sharing-economyI came across a few sharing economy projects that could be really cool in terms of experiencing something new but also saving YOU a bit of money.
Do you know you can rent a boat, skippers/captains included and travel around highlands without worrying about anything? Yeah, I’m not joking, you can enjoy an amazing on-board-holiday just in a few finger taps.  Check out the Italian Antlos and join the incredible suggestions all around the Mediterranean.
Join the several sea skippers and be ready for your next adventure.
If you don’t like Italians (buuuhhh!) you can also check the Greek version, Incrediblue.

I don’t know if I already tell you, maybe not, but I DO love sharing economy, especially the fact you’re renting, maximising the utility of a car/boat/house/tool without an intermediary. It’s very sad to say but you already know that the intermediaries as we know will die? And millennials much prefer renting than buying? If you still love buying, it’s because you’re not a millenieal, don’t worry. 😛

Rentecarlo-Car-Hire-London-sharing-economy-startupsThat’s why the last project I’m in love is also a sharing economy one, called Rentecarlo, an online marketplace to rent cars from people nearby. Say you have a car and this weekend you’re thinking of staying at home planting seeds and relax. Why not earning money renting out your car? And if you’re planning a weekend away, why not renting a car directly from owners, saving time and money?
I think it’s brilliant. Just in the UK for the moment, but soon all around Europe.
Ah, just wantin’ to tell you. I was so in love with Rentecarlo that I joined the team! Wish me luck!! I did tell you it’s been a busy month, didn’t I?
Share my love for the sharing economy startups and join this Sharing Economy FB group to be up to date with all the latest news!


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