The power of social media and storytelling: Foo Fighters will play in Cesena

Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I’m really happy to share with you an incredible Italian story, based on storytelling, dreams coming true and people.

I think all of you read about the 1000 musicians who played “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters at the same time and in the same place in Cesena, to actually ask Foo Fighters to come & play in Cesena.

A cool idea, a great accomplishment, months of hard work and an incredible result, which I think took over the Guinness World Record.
But, was it just a dream coming true?  And what can we learn out of it?

I think it’s becoming a great example for all online professionals and brands to be more confident about the power of storytelling, people and social media achieving a community goal.

1) People
It’s all about people. Do you have a dream? Find people helping you out and share your goal. It’s always about the team and not only the individual. You wouldn’t be able to achieve the same goal alone, in your little room, without sharing.

2) Storytelling
Tell your story, be spontaneous and keep track of what you’re doing. Be genuine, share the success but also the problems you can find in the process.
Videos are amazing helping you out, but also pictures, events are important.
Sometime brands think it’s not good sharing your weaknesses. But if you’re human it’s normal and we should be emphatic, we are not all superheroes! (even if it would pretty epic! :D)

3) Social Media
Social media are powerful, but maybe you already know it. People are empowered and there are so many examples of positive or either negative experiences.
People approaching social media are very much looking to produce viral content and become popular, even if just for a few hours. How can you do it?
Follow the first two points,  and share it. People love being part of positive stories, dreams coming true and bottom-up community achievements.
Don’t trust people telling you that they can do the job for you: it’s your dream and a daily job. It’s hard but important.
Remember to be authentic: it’s easier finding out your main goal was just being viral.


Well done Fabio Zaffagnini, congrats to all your team and the musicians involved in this amazing project!

ps: thanks to my great flatmates Marco&Silvia who shared the story with me before even reading it online!  

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